National Marine Fisheries Service

The National Marine Fisheries Service keeps telling the fishing public that the information they use to justify fishing quotas is, “The best science available.” Why is it that I have asked over 400 of my customers this past year, two questions:

1) How many times have you caught the limit this past season?

2) How many times has anyone from NMFS or any other government agency, asked you how many fish have you caught on any given day, week or month?

The answer to question number one was under twenty but that doesn’t mean everyone on the boat caught the limit.

The answer to question number two was …NEVER ! That is correct, not one out of 400+ people that I personally asked ever had any kind of contact with NMFS about how many fish they actually caught.

It is odd to me that the NMFS can claim that we have over fished the quota when few people are catching their limit.

In conclusion, the information that is used to establish fishing quotas has to be not just misleading but utter nonsense. It is impossible to get anywhere close to an accurate count if you don’t ask the participants in the fluke fishery ???

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