Getting to know the enemy

Picture departing the dock with your family for a relaxing day on the water, and upon reaching your favorite fishing spot, you see a huge buoy with a sign that says, “NO FISHING.”fish1

The Pew Foundation continues it’s all out assault on fisherman, wherever they may be. While reviewing their web site I came across some material that everyone should be aware of if you ever intend to put a line
in the water in the future

I am aware the Pew people are much farther to the left than Karl Marx, but while reviewing their scientific babble I came to the conclusion that their left arms are probably longer than their right arms from patting themselves on the back.

“Our marine work is aimed at preserving the biological integrity of marine ecosystems and primarily focuses on efforts to curb over fishing, reducing by catch and preventing the destruction of marine habitat.” I would suggest that the prior quote does not sound overly threatening, but as I read on it became clear that they don’t want ANYONE, to fish.

Some of their recommendations include improving the management of the nation’s commercial fisheries and establishing networks of marine reserves in coastal waters. It is important to know what a marine reserve is. It is, “An area in
which no extractive use of any living, fossil, or mineral resource, nor any habitat destruction is allowed.” It is an exclusionary zone where no individual would even be allowed to drop a hook and line!

“Currently scientific knowledge suggests that the best way to protect and preserve living marine resources and create a legacy in the oceans for future generations is to establish dense networks of FULLY protected marine reserves.”

“DENSE NETWORKS !” ………..(sorry, I needed a break, so I just had a fish sandwich. The 14″ fluke make the best sandwiches because the fillet fits on the bread.)

Sifting through their psycho-babble can be painful, because they are so full of themselves and it appears they think they have all the answers. “The ten year clinical trial of marine reserves, conducted intensively throughout the 1990’s,” shows the oceans need this medicine.” (I have some medicine for them.)

I have to go now, something smells,…PEW!

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