18″ size limit?

I suppose all the fluke fisherman should get down on collective hands and knees to thank the mind numbed robots for the 18″ size limit that we all have to deal with this season. The good news is we will be able to keep 8 per day. The success rate for an angler attempting to find 8 fluke on any given day, 18″ or above, will be the same as the New Jersey hunter trying to bag a moose in Mantoloking.

Why is it that regulators make us fisherman seek out the fish that are the biggest breeders and by all accounts, the bigger the fish the more chemicals (pcb’s) fish contain? It seems to me it would be a lot healthier for the general public to eat the smaller fish, like we were able to do years ago. Which reminds me of a story that I read years ago. I’m not sure if I remember all the details, but it goes something like this.

The year was about 0030 and there were a lot of starving people sitting on the banks of a river called the Nile. There were no fish to be found by a guy named St. Peter and the situation was desperate. Along comes a guy named Jesus who gave St. Peter some secret loran bearings and told him to go cast his nets so he could feed his people. St. Peter untied his lines and jumped in his center console along with some of his followers and a couple of 4.0 reels tied to sticks. It turns out on the first set the boat was full of fish so the crew headed back to shore, thankful that there were no minimum size regulations. It was a miracle of biblical proportions.

When they reached shore it was brought to their attention that Jesus multiplied what little bread they had to feed the masses. All was well on the banks of the Nile that day without the help of the National Marine Fisheries Service. Fish is food … so EAT IT!