NY Fluke Regulations

This could be a throw-back in 2010

The End Is Near

It appears, for the State of New York, that summer flounder (fluke) fishing is a thing of the past. With the newest criminal regulations foisted upon the recreational angler, an American pastime will be but a memory.

.We are extremely close to the end of recreational fluke fishing in the northeast. The idiotic twenty one inch size limit in New York waters, along with the new fee for getting a line wet, and only being able to keep two fish is as close as anyone can get to a moratorium. New jersey is not far behind with an eighteen and a half inch size limit and good luck trying to get a young kid interested in fishing when you keep telling him, or her, to throw back good size edible fish.

It is very important to understand when fishing in North Jersey waters this year that if you catch any “keepers,” in New Jersey waters and you just happen to drift into New York waters, the fish police will be all over you and your boat faster than a pirate from Somalia.

Guess how many people who fish in New York waters will be lined up at piers and docks this year, with their new $20 fishing license, $10 worth of bait, $10 lunch, $50 fishing pole $6 six pack anxious to put a couple of 4 lb fluke in the cooler for dinner? Not many is my guess. That should be really good news for whatever bait and tackle stores are still in business. I’m sure the State of New York will be after all the residents to sell their fishing equipment and send the money to the Governor to make up for the shortage in tax revenue that will result from this idiotic policy.

My heart goes out to the party boat, and charter boat fleet, that has provided many, many hours of entertainment and pleasure to so many people and families over the last century. What has been, not just a job, but a way of life for these Captains and crew members. It is entirely possible that they have stayed in the business just long enough to see the last nail put in the coffin.

It remains my firm belief that the environmental NAZIS, have far too much influence on the so called Fisheries experts, and another Tea Party is just around the bend.

Good Luck to those who…HOOKEMANDHACKEM !!!



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