In a recent piece, dated March 26, 2009, I wrote, “We are close to the end of recreational fluke fishing as we know it.” I wish I had said: “We are close to the end of FISHING as we know it. The latest hot air coming from the newly anointed head of NOAA and her ilk is not only an early “Emergency ” closure of the black sea bass and porgy fishery but also the closure of the mako shark fishery. They apparently think everyone who fishes for sharks will be fully cooperative and pleased with a catch and release mako program.

Please keep in mind; all these new regulations will be for our own good:

  1. NO fluke fishing after September 4, 2009
  2. A potential “EMERGENCY” closure of sea bass and porgy fishing
  3. NO possession of mako sharks
  4. ONE black fish (should be enough)

…And you still don’t think we are near the end of fishing, as we know it?

Just in case you haven’t had enough to make your blood boil, keep in mind that the, “National Marine Fisheries Service has issued a final rule to adopt regulations to implement a national registry of recreational anglers in an effort to improve their efficiency and to reduce possible sources of bias and to improve confidence in survey results by fisheries managers.”
(Change we can believe in!) Beginning in 2011 the annual fee will be $15-$25 per angler. Yes, that’s right, you will have to pay a fee to go out fishing for a targeted species you cannot keep! (This is a salt water fishing license that will only cost more as time goes on, as every other government program ALWAYS, does.)

We look forward to talking to you at the Point Pleasant Seafood Fest on September 19, 2009, even if you disagree with my, “hookemandhackem” views. (Not really)

Bob Hackem