As of October 5, 2009 the black sea bass fishery has been closed for SIX MONTHS, in Federal waters. (Outside three mile limit) It seems that their trawl surveys concluded that there were not may sea bass found on open bottom. DUH…sea bass like rough bottom, as any fisherman would be willing to explain to any idiot who is responsible for the research.

The sea bass closure has not had much effect on that fishery yet because a lot of these tasty fish have not yet made their offshore migration move yet. It will get ugly pretty soon though when the majority of head boats and private boat move further offshore in pursuit of black fish and cod. (Can’t put sea bass in there) The majority of the fish caught on the offshore wrecks and rough bottom will still be sea bass and will have to be thrown back overboard, dead or alive. Rest assured, a lot of dead fish will be seen floating on the surface only to be consumed by other predators’. (That predator should be a human)

By their own admission, the Fisheries Idiots in charge have stated that in the case of black sea bass, “Over fishing is NOT occurring,” yet draconian measures have been taken to, “End fishing as we know it.”

New, “HOOKEMANDHACKEM” sea bass shirts will be in soon. Not only should you have one of these shirts to express your anger but also consider sending a check to the Save the Summer Flounder Fisheries Fund for they are fighting the good fight.


Bob Hackem