The, ever present urge to fish, is highlighted by the first few warm days of spring. Today was one of those days…(eighty degrees and light winds) so I headed for my favorite bait and tackle store for some bait. The mood in the store was not what I anticipated, being that it was such a nice day. It seemed that the new regulations put in place by the “Powers to be” had more than a chilling effect on what few fishermen were in the store as well as the store’s owner.

TWO (2) flounders per angler, as we all know is not even enough to feed a family of two never mind the fact that there are three in my house that would like to eat when dinner is served. I stepped to the counter, knowing I had all the tackle I needed, and decided to just buy some bait. “Can I please have ONE (1)… blood worm.” The storeowner replied, “We only sell them by either the dozen or half dozen.” It is never my style to get involved in an argument so I reminded him that the limit on flounder is two and it seemed a bit silly to buy six worms when one would do. He suggested that either give the rest of the unneeded bait to another fisherman at the dock where I fish or save them for tomorrow. Giving bait away to someone I don’t know never crossed my mind and work would probably take precedence the following day. I tried to suppress my anger at this point and decide to forego this transaction as a mater of principal but strolled around the store looking for something that I might need in the future. (Leaving a bait and tackle store is akin to leaving a bar after one)

Again, I would remind you that I am NOT one to instigate an argument over something trivial but I decided to go back to the counter and try a little different approach, “I changed my mind, I am not going founder fishing after all but I still need some bait for weak fishing. “I understand the limit is one (1) per person so I need half a worm.” “Are you some kind of f—–g wise guy?” Never in my wildest dreams would I have anticipated such a response, but that is precisely what he blurted out. Can you imagine?…The three steaks that I bought on my way home seemed the right thing to do after my encounter with a very pissed off bait and tackle dealer.

The blame for my encounter can and will be placed directly on Dr. Jane (head of NOAA) and the other, tree hugging enviro numbskulls who keep screwing with honest hard working people who attempt to get some enjoyment and relaxation on some of there off hours by putting a line in the water in hopes of bringing some fish home to E A T !!!