February 16, 2011

The black clouds that can usually be seen in the distance before any storm, are sufficient reason to, “head for the barn,” as most smart fishermen know. (I might have stretched it a bit by using the word smart.) The storm I speak of is getting closer and closer as I hamer on these keys and this threat is very real.

I have been writing, for some time now, about the excessive influence foisted upon us by NOAA, The Environmental Defense Fund, The Pew Foundation and many other, so called, conservation groups. None of these groups care a bass’s ass about the fishermen and women and their families that either make their living or spend their time just having fun on the rivers and oceans we cherish. The main focus of these groups are to exclude people from what they think are their oceans through Marine Protected Areas and regulations that make you want to just quit fishing.

I would like to direct you to a great article, written by Richard Gaines, from The Gloucester Times in Massachusetts. This article spells out the major hurdles we all face in terms of the financial disparities that exist between groups of fishermen and groups of anti-fishermen.

It is very easy to forget about this struggle we all face when you look out your window at snow every morning. But rest assured they (the enemy) will not stop! Keep in touch with groups like the RFA and SSFFF for they are certainly in the Captains Chair when it comes to trying to put an end to this madness.

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Bob Hackem