Dogfish Do Not Need Protection, They Need Elimination

March 27,2011

Any fisherman will tell you if asked that the proper handling of any species after being caught, is critical. Bleeding and cooling of any species is the most important factor in determining whether you eat the fish or give it to your in-laws to eat. In the case of dog fish, there are also crucial factors involved in their treatment. First, it helps to have a steel boat. When you pick them up by the tail and beat the piss out of them on the hull or the rub rail before releasing them, no boat damage will occur. Second, if your boat isn’t made of steel, you should have access to an assortment of very sharp knives for extracting the softer belly for bait and then cutting the head off so they will no longer be a threat to the various species you seek.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has increased the quota on dog fish n 2011, as a result of their trawl surveys. I suppose we should all be thankful for their, Above and Beyond heroic achievement in saving the dog fish from extinction. I would suggest they next devote some time in helping the fire ant or maybe the mosquito as well.

You may have read about the commercial fishing boat in Point Pleasant who was given a summons recently for being 600 lbs. over on his by-catch of dog fish.

Imagine getting fined for catching too many dog fish? Yea, the same dog fish that are some of the most varacious eaters in the sea and when traveling along the ocean floor, in vast schools, consume everything in site including, lobsters, scallops, small bait fish, fluke, flounder, sea bass, cod, weakfish and anything else in sight. These fishermen should NOT be fined. They should build a statue in their honor for trying to save our oceans from this scourge.

-Bob Hackem-

This policy has been carefully reviewed and approved by the executive board at Hook ‘Em & Hack ‘Em:

Board Members: Chip, Steve, Dan, Fred, Chris, Jim and Guy Starving


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