March 3, 2011

In my last post dated February 20, 2011, I referred you to an article in The Gloucester Times that spoke to the money spent by various foundations, who support every restriction known to man, on the salt water activities we all enjoy.

You might have thought that I was stretching the truth somewhat but now I can assure you that was, and is now, not the case. It has been brought to my attention that the money spent by these groups, that falsely claim to be on the side of the fishermen and women of the world, far exceeds what anyone had imagined. Their main focus is to eliminate any activities that they deem a threat to , ¬ĚTHEIR OCEANS.

Please take your time to review the astonishing information provided at

When you have completed reviewing all this information feel free to comment for I am sure your responses will provide for some interesting reading as well.

Voting is the ONLY way that we have to overcome these ENVIRO-BULLIES, simply because there is no way possible to raise an equal amount of money to compete with their lobbying efforts. (The fact that no time is available for such efforts since most of us work!)

-Bob Hackem-

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