JUNE  4, 2020



It’s a gloomy and rain soaked day here in Point Pleasant, NJ, which helps, for today is the deadline for filing the application, required by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA),  if I want to fish next month.

There have been an enormous amount of changes to sport and commercial fishing since Barry Obama’s second term was completed and Dr. Jane Lubchenco was elected President of the United States in 2016. Quite a few (to say the least) require the boat owner’s utmost attention in filling out the forms or his or her future fishing opportunities will be permanently taken away,  just like many of the fishing poles and boats that have been seized from fishermen this past decade by the Environmental Defense Fund, which serves as NOAA’s enforcement wing.

Their (NOAA) policies are having the exact results they wanted, for the amount of commercial fishing boats left in the USA is down ninty percent since 2011 and the sport boats left, that still possess the capabilities of obtaining a permit, are approaching a staggering five hundred in the whole state of New Jersey. (adhering to the regulations has enabled me to keep on the good side of the regulators) Now I just want to go over my check list before hitting the “SEND,” key to submit my application:

– Have I used non toxic bottom paint on the vessel to be used on this fishing trip?… CHECK!

– Do I have the,” TWO”  NOAA approved fishing poles, loaded with biodegradable 4 lb. test line?…CHECK!

– Do I have the required GPS locator beacon installed by qualified, certified illegal immigrants?…CHECK!

– Has my tackle box been inspected, and then sealed, by a leading liberal or progressive so as to not contain any non-biodegradable lures or sinkers?… CHECK!

– Are all my hooks made in China and found NOT to have barbs?…CHECK!

– Has my swimmer certification card (with the Joe Frazier hologram) been renewed? (This is imperative for no gaffs or nets are allowed and retrieving any fish might necessitate going overboard in its pursuit)….CHECK!

– Have I renewed my $250.00 NJ saltwater fishing license? ( The same one that was free in 2011)…CHECK!

– Have I made arrangements to pick up a NOAA approved observer at the Coast Guard Station, in Point Pleasant, before heading out the inlet?…CHECK!

– Did I ask, as required,  (vegan only observer) what he she or IT… wants for lunch? (as required by Executive Order# 2,938,476,264,510,098,467,984,726,716,374,859) sigh!…burp!…puke!

July 4, 2011

Now I am sure most of you think my senario is way out there in left field and your are certainly entitled to you view, as am I.  Dr. Jane Lubchenco, head of The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,  has previously stated that her goal was to see a, “significant reduction” in the amount of commercial fishing boats in the Northeast. That may not bother most of the sport fishing fleet for the two have been fighting against each other for decades with only a brief time out to protest together in Washington in 2010. But please look ahead! Though the fishing fleet has dwindled in the Notheast, (Only 60 Commercial boats left in Gloucester, Ma.) The amount of Federal employees at NOAA has tripled! Don’t think all these extra employees will just sit in their offices and do nothing, they are coming for YOU NEXT!

Bob Hackem