TALAPIA AND THE TALIBAN, (“Jelly fish Jane”)





February 15, 2012

Everyone who puts a hook and line or a net in the water, should take a good look at the face of the, “Taliban” (above) who has taken the lead role in trying to eliminate any human activity on our oceans and in our rivers. If you don’t already know, her name is Dr. Jane Lubchenko. Yes, the same individual who served as a big wig in The Environmental ┬áDefense Fund and The Pew Foundation, two of the very far left groups who would have us all eating, “TAINTED TALAPIA FROM THAILAND!” (I wouldn’t use talapia as bait and you wouldn’t either after reading, “ARE YOU BEING FORCED TO EAT SHIT.”)

The battle we, as fishermen, (and women I guess) are up against seems monumental when you take a look at the funding that groups like, The Pew Foundation, The Walton Foundation, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, The Betty Moore Foundation and The Rockefeller Brothers Foundation supply to anti fishing causes. For a list of the “causes,” that these groups donate money to please go here. This is the most extensive list that I have encountered to date, detailing the extent of financial hurdles that all fishermen face. It is virtually impossible to mount a campaign against such zealotry but we do all have another option. Not that any conversation I have ever been involved in has ever been political or controversial in nature, but… WE HAVE TO CLEAN HOUSE AND VOTE the present administration out of office or put all of our fishing gear in a big pile and have a bonfire. (I forgot, you can’t do that…EPA, you know) Talk to you again soon and feel free to add your own thoughts, unless you are opposed to my, “Hook Em and Hack Em Habits!”

Sincerely ?

Bob Hackem