March 13, 2012

My blood pressure is a bit elevated this morning after reading an article in the Gloucester Times which specifically addresses Dr. Jane Lubchenco’s (Head of The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) plan to put ALL fishermen and women, off the water.

Dr. “jelly fish” Jane, former board member of The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), or, Left Wing Loon Fringe (LWLF) of the Obama Administration, has begun the process of trying to buy back fishing licenses of recreational fishermen. (with, YOUR OWN TAX DOLLARS) She has already put a significant amount of commercial fishermen out of business with her,  “Catch Share Program” and is now coming after the rest of the people who spend some spare time trying to enjoy what the Good Lord provided.

I have written, in the past, about the efforts of these LWL’s, and their sinister motives to put commercial fishermen out of business and how the recreational fishermen would be next on their hit list. Well, in my humble opinion, I WAS DEAD RIGHT!

In an attempt to get an interview with a couple of NOAA administrators on this subject, I followed two of them to a meeting but lost them in heavy traffic although I did get a photograph. They were easy to identify being that they are, “Horses Asses.” (my apologies to the horses)

Get on the bus to D. C.,

Bob Hackem