th-1-150x121March  13, 2015

What is, “Good for the goose is good for the gander” is an age old saying that simply put means the same rules should apply to everyone and not the  privileged few. For many years now the Federal Government, through The National Marine Fisheries Service has turned valuable fishing grounds in United States waters into (MPA), Marine Protected Areas.  Some of these areas are said to be so sensitive that no human activity at all is allowed. No mining, no commercial fishing and no hook and line fishing. (Not even catch and release)

There are, at present, 750 protected areas, which is 30% of the USA’s territorial seas that are in this category. The enviro nazis will tell you that it is for future generations, (you know..for the children) that restrictions have to be placed on all of us. It seems to me the generation we should all be worried about is the present one and encouraging them to get outdoors and fish would be far more preferable than to have them inside playing video games or smoking stuff that limits one’s vocabulary to, “WOW!”

Now I don’t expect everyone to agree with me…(why would that be) but why is it then the stated policy for another Federal Agency to completely destroy well known fishing areas in the northeast for beach replenishment?


The Army Corp of Engineers has already wiped out known and very productive spots like Harvey Cedars Lump near Barnegate Inlet. Now, without further delay or input from local fishermen and women, they are bound and determined to wipe out a huge shallow area known as The Manasquan Ridge which for many, many generations has been an extremely productive place to go at different times of the year for fluke, bonita, spanish mackeral, bluefish, and

You will have to excuse me for being a bit cynical, but with Government Agencies continuing to run rough shod over everything, we the citizens cherish, it is easy to see why most of the fishermen and women who I come in contact with have been made into pirates. The rules and regulations to everything seem to only apply to the citizenry, just like the Hillary Clinton e-mails, and so it is that another season of, “HOOKEMANDHACKEM”  will be the order of the day.


Bob Hackem