Gray seal hanging around at the Chatham Fishing Pier.APRIL 10, 2015

“Overfishing” is the reason, or should I say excuse, that The National Marine Fisheries Service and their left wing radical affiliates use to justify the relentless cutbacks in quotas for ALL fishermen and women. Not too many people trust what they call, “The best available¬† scientific data.”

It seems to me they all have overlooked an extremely important piece of, “SCIENTIFIC” information.¬† It is a scientific fact that when nobody was paying attention the seal population in the New England section of the Atlantic Ocean has multiplied to such an extent that there very well might be too many seals and not enough seafood to support it’s population. According to research done by Woods Hole Marine Research Center in Massachusetts, there are approximately 10,000 seals now present in New England waters. ththEach seal eats about 6-8% of their body weight per day which is about 10 lbs. per seal. (follow me on this because there is no telling where this is going end) Just maybe the seals should be on a strict quota, because 350,000lbs. of fish per day is, OVERFISHING!

Too Many Seals Not Enough Sharks, is a great article that says it all, but there is more to this as far as the depletion of fish stocks go. It has been reported that, used to be Pro wrestler, now actor, Rock Johnsonth consumes over 820 lbs. of codfish per year as part of his diet!

It really is quite simple and this overfishing thing can be an easy fix if we can switch The Rock’s diet to harbor seals!

As you all can see, most every problem has a solution and “Normal” everyday people like you and I can fix them without help from NOAA and The National Marine Fisheries Service. As I read somewhere recently, “What is the statute of limitations for logic?”

Bob Hackem