JUNE  4, 2020



It’s a gloomy and rain soaked day here in Point Pleasant, NJ, which helps, for today is the deadline for filing the application, required by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA),  if I want to fish next month.

There have been an enormous amount of changes to sport and commercial fishing since Barry Obama’s second term was completed and Dr. Jane Lubchenco was elected President of the United States in 2016. Quite a few (to say the least) require the boat owner’s utmost attention in filling out the forms or his or her future fishing opportunities will be permanently taken away,  just like many of the fishing poles and boats that have been seized from fishermen this past decade by the Environmental Defense Fund, which serves as NOAA’s enforcement wing.

Their (NOAA) policies are having the exact results they wanted, for the amount of commercial fishing boats left in the USA is down ninty percent since 2011 and the sport boats left, that still possess the capabilities of obtaining a permit, are approaching a staggering five hundred in the whole state of New Jersey. (adhering to the regulations has enabled me to keep on the good side of the regulators) Now I just want to go over my check list before hitting the “SEND,” key to submit my application:

– Have I used non toxic bottom paint on the vessel to be used on this fishing trip?… CHECK!

– Do I have the,” TWO”  NOAA approved fishing poles, loaded with biodegradable 4 lb. test line?…CHECK!

– Do I have the required GPS locator beacon installed by qualified, certified illegal immigrants?…CHECK!

– Has my tackle box been inspected, and then sealed, by a leading liberal or progressive so as to not contain any non-biodegradable lures or sinkers?… CHECK!

– Are all my hooks made in China and found NOT to have barbs?…CHECK!

– Has my swimmer certification card (with the Joe Frazier hologram) been renewed? (This is imperative for no gaffs or nets are allowed and retrieving any fish might necessitate going overboard in its pursuit)….CHECK!

– Have I renewed my $250.00 NJ saltwater fishing license? ( The same one that was free in 2011)…CHECK!

– Have I made arrangements to pick up a NOAA approved observer at the Coast Guard Station, in Point Pleasant, before heading out the inlet?…CHECK!

– Did I ask, as required,  (vegan only observer) what he she or IT… wants for lunch? (as required by Executive Order# 2,938,476,264,510,098,467,984,726,716,374,859) sigh!…burp!…puke!

July 4, 2011

Now I am sure most of you think my senario is way out there in left field and your are certainly entitled to you view, as am I.  Dr. Jane Lubchenco, head of The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,  has previously stated that her goal was to see a, “significant reduction” in the amount of commercial fishing boats in the Northeast. That may not bother most of the sport fishing fleet for the two have been fighting against each other for decades with only a brief time out to protest together in Washington in 2010. But please look ahead! Though the fishing fleet has dwindled in the Notheast, (Only 60 Commercial boats left in Gloucester, Ma.) The amount of Federal employees at NOAA has tripled! Don’t think all these extra employees will just sit in their offices and do nothing, they are coming for YOU NEXT!

Bob Hackem











Back to Nature 2011

April 23, 2011

Having been forced to contemplate my presence here on earth, because of all the down time due to snow, I have, and will make a sincere effort to get closer to my surroundings where nature is concerned. My first effort in this endeavor was to shoot my first deer in January. Having spent a significant portion of my idle time, freezing my ass off sitting in a tree stand waiting for an animal just a little dumber than I to appear in the cross hairs, I got plenty of time to plot my coarse back to nature. The deer that took one for the cause really was not too smart. It ran down a hill to my right and stared at me for about thirty seconds before foraging about looking for the food that I gladly provided. You would think that seeing a grown man sitting fifteen feet off the ground wearing an orange hat with a shotgun pointed at you would give you a sense that something was amiss. Well that was not the case and so ended that deer’s attachment to nature. (If you ever attempt this don’t shoot one that is too big, for it is a lot easier to drag the animal out of the woods if it is small.)

My second effort to get back to nature was also very rewarding. Thirty guys in full camo and bright orange vests walking through a field with three dogs and plenty of ammo looking for birds about the size of a cornish hen. Although I have heard of nature freaks (bird watchers) telling stories about how relaxing it is to walk quietly through the woods looking for different species of birds, I have concluded that it could not even come close to the loud noise of gunfire, while shooting birds flushed by dogs at the same time enjoying the fresh smell of gun powder in the air.


There is a lot about nature that I didn’t know I was missing. Just as a side note and keeping on topic, nature that is, I so look forward to spring and Earth Day. I was just giddy, after this past winter, to see all the people celebrating Earth Day in the park down the street from my house. I was quick to put the finishing touches on this meaningful day by, you guessed it, putting ALL the lawn chemicals down for this season, like LIME, FERTILIZER, WEED BE GONE, ROUND-UP, SEVIN and any other spray that came from a can with a skull and crossbones. I love a green lawn.

My final attempt to get back to nature this year will be to sample all that Mother Nature has to offer in our rivers and oceans. I will attempt to prove to Dr. Jane Lubchenko (head of NOAA) that there is not a shortage of fish in our oceans and rivers. Hookemandhackem will be the order of the day whenever I am fishing because as I understand it, “WE” are the head of the food chain and I intend to keep it that way.


Dogfish Do Not Need Protection, They Need Elimination

March 27,2011

Any fisherman will tell you if asked that the proper handling of any species after being caught, is critical. Bleeding and cooling of any species is the most important factor in determining whether you eat the fish or give it to your in-laws to eat. In the case of dog fish, there are also crucial factors involved in their treatment. First, it helps to have a steel boat. When you pick them up by the tail and beat the piss out of them on the hull or the rub rail before releasing them, no boat damage will occur. Second, if your boat isn’t made of steel, you should have access to an assortment of very sharp knives for extracting the softer belly for bait and then cutting the head off so they will no longer be a threat to the various species you seek.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has increased the quota on dog fish n 2011, as a result of their trawl surveys. I suppose we should all be thankful for their, Above and Beyond heroic achievement in saving the dog fish from extinction. I would suggest they next devote some time in helping the fire ant or maybe the mosquito as well.

You may have read about the commercial fishing boat in Point Pleasant who was given a summons recently for being 600 lbs. over on his by-catch of dog fish.

Imagine getting fined for catching too many dog fish? Yea, the same dog fish that are some of the most varacious eaters in the sea and when traveling along the ocean floor, in vast schools, consume everything in site including, lobsters, scallops, small bait fish, fluke, flounder, sea bass, cod, weakfish and anything else in sight. These fishermen should NOT be fined. They should build a statue in their honor for trying to save our oceans from this scourge.

-Bob Hackem-

This policy has been carefully reviewed and approved by the executive board at Hook ‘Em & Hack ‘Em:

Board Members: Chip, Steve, Dan, Fred, Chris, Jim and Guy Starving



March 3, 2011

In my last post dated February 20, 2011, I referred you to an article in The Gloucester Times that spoke to the money spent by various foundations, who support every restriction known to man, on the salt water activities we all enjoy.

You might have thought that I was stretching the truth somewhat but now I can assure you that was, and is now, not the case. It has been brought to my attention that the money spent by these groups, that falsely claim to be on the side of the fishermen and women of the world, far exceeds what anyone had imagined. Their main focus is to eliminate any activities that they deem a threat to , THEIR OCEANS.

Please take your time to review the astonishing information provided at http://fishtruth.net

When you have completed reviewing all this information feel free to comment for I am sure your responses will provide for some interesting reading as well.

Voting is the ONLY way that we have to overcome these ENVIRO-BULLIES, simply because there is no way possible to raise an equal amount of money to compete with their lobbying efforts. (The fact that no time is available for such efforts since most of us work!)

-Bob Hackem-


February 16, 2011

The black clouds that can usually be seen in the distance before any storm, are sufficient reason to, “head for the barn,” as most smart fishermen know. (I might have stretched it a bit by using the word smart.) The storm I speak of is getting closer and closer as I hamer on these keys and this threat is very real.

I have been writing, for some time now, about the excessive influence foisted upon us by NOAA, The Environmental Defense Fund, The Pew Foundation and many other, so called, conservation groups. None of these groups care a bass’s ass about the fishermen and women and their families that either make their living or spend their time just having fun on the rivers and oceans we cherish. The main focus of these groups are to exclude people from what they think are their oceans through Marine Protected Areas and regulations that make you want to just quit fishing.

I would like to direct you to a great article, written by Richard Gaines, from The Gloucester Times in Massachusetts. This article spells out the major hurdles we all face in terms of the financial disparities that exist between groups of fishermen and groups of anti-fishermen.

It is very easy to forget about this struggle we all face when you look out your window at snow every morning. But rest assured they (the enemy) will not stop! Keep in touch with groups like the RFA and SSFFF for they are certainly in the Captains Chair when it comes to trying to put an end to this madness.

And, don’t forget to buy, and wear your favorite, Hook ‘Em & Hack ‘Em shirts on this site to see the whole collection. (the new CODFISH shirt will be coming soon.)


Bob Hackem


Farm Raised Fish Are Unhealthy

Efforts by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have been very successful in the last two decades in diminishing the commercial fishing industry in this country, to the detriment of the general public, as well as eliminating recreational fishing opportunities. Though there have always been, often heated disagreements between both recreational and commercial interests in the past, there has also been a major effort to bring the two sides closer together by groups like Save The Summer Flounder Fisheries Fund (SSFFF) and the Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA). These groups that marched in Washington this past year, have finally recognized that together they can focus their anger at the correct targets such as: NOAA, NMFS, The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), The Pew Foundation and Dr. Jane Lubchenco, who heads NOAA and was a  “Big wig” at the EDU. (I will add President Obama because he anointed Dr. Jane).

I have for years, suspected that there was a connection between fish farming interests and left wing anti fishing KOOKS. I haven’t yet been able to find the “Smoking Gun.” There is, however, plenty of evidence that the farm raised fish these groups would like to see you eat (instead of fresh caught seafood) may not be a very healthy choice. (I’m no Dr. Oz, but I would at least like to start my meal with an uncontaminated fillet of fresh fish.) I have in the past written about the dangers involved in eating fish that come from China, but it seems that there is a threat much closer to home.

In any case, it is well known that a fish that fights for its food, is a higher quality fish.  The meat is firmer because the fish doesn’t wait around like a coach potato waits for its next bag ‘o chips. Unlike the farm-grown fish, which sit on the bottom while waiting to be fed.

Farm-grown fish are fed by cannons that shoot pellets of food at them daily.

Different types of ailments have been showing up in products at these fish farms around the world and require the use of chemicals and antibiotics in the food in an effort to control said ailments. It has long been said that, “You are a product of your environment” and in this case it is certainly true.  (Keep in mind I have never eaten sushi; but when was the last time you heard of farm grown Spicy Tuna Rolls?)

What’s the difference?

Furthermore, when any mammal or fish is in a densely populated space, it can lead to a significant source of disease. Scientists have recently discovered sea lice to be a considerable problem at fish farms worldwide.


I have relatives who reside in Emerald Isle, North Carolina and can testify that the best shrimp I ever ate was product we purchased roadside near where a trawler had just docked. There is no comparison when taste is the subject. I have yet to meet anyone who has eaten a really fresh caught piece of fish that thinks a farm raised product tastes better. Now there is a reason to continue to pursue the, “Feast to the East.”

Please take the time to read the articles that I have highlighted so that you will not be fooled into thinking that you are saving the planet by eating farm raised, fresh Tilapia!!!  Remember: HOOK ‘EM AND HACK ‘EM – for a healthier life style.


Bob Hackem

PS — checkout the hookemandhackem.com home page for the new black sea bass t-shirts.


The, ever present urge to fish, is highlighted by the first few warm days of spring. Today was one of those days…(eighty degrees and light winds) so I headed for my favorite bait and tackle store for some bait. The mood in the store was not what I anticipated, being that it was such a nice day. It seemed that the new regulations put in place by the “Powers to be” had more than a chilling effect on what few fishermen were in the store as well as the store’s owner.

TWO (2) flounders per angler, as we all know is not even enough to feed a family of two never mind the fact that there are three in my house that would like to eat when dinner is served. I stepped to the counter, knowing I had all the tackle I needed, and decided to just buy some bait. “Can I please have ONE (1)… blood worm.” The storeowner replied, “We only sell them by either the dozen or half dozen.” It is never my style to get involved in an argument so I reminded him that the limit on flounder is two and it seemed a bit silly to buy six worms when one would do. He suggested that either give the rest of the unneeded bait to another fisherman at the dock where I fish or save them for tomorrow. Giving bait away to someone I don’t know never crossed my mind and work would probably take precedence the following day. I tried to suppress my anger at this point and decide to forego this transaction as a mater of principal but strolled around the store looking for something that I might need in the future. (Leaving a bait and tackle store is akin to leaving a bar after one)

Again, I would remind you that I am NOT one to instigate an argument over something trivial but I decided to go back to the counter and try a little different approach, “I changed my mind, I am not going founder fishing after all but I still need some bait for weak fishing. “I understand the limit is one (1) per person so I need half a worm.” “Are you some kind of f—–g wise guy?” Never in my wildest dreams would I have anticipated such a response, but that is precisely what he blurted out. Can you imagine?…The three steaks that I bought on my way home seemed the right thing to do after my encounter with a very pissed off bait and tackle dealer.

The blame for my encounter can and will be placed directly on Dr. Jane (head of NOAA) and the other, tree hugging enviro numbskulls who keep screwing with honest hard working people who attempt to get some enjoyment and relaxation on some of there off hours by putting a line in the water in hopes of bringing some fish home to E A T !!!



It is with heavy heart that I, at this moment in time, have agreed to assist the National Marine Fisheries Service in their efforts to obtain irrefutable evidence with regards to “Maximum sustainable yield.” It is only right to, not only comply with NMFS regulation, but to assist them in trying to conserve all the oceans inhabitants for future generations to enjoy.

Hookemandhackem products, has agreed to supply an unlimited amount of electronic tags to fishermen and women all over the United States that hopefully, will be attached to every throwback. We sincerely hope this tag and release program is successful. (Click on the red dot to see a sample of the new tags)


As of October 5, 2009 the black sea bass fishery has been closed for SIX MONTHS, in Federal waters. (Outside three mile limit) It seems that their trawl surveys concluded that there were not may sea bass found on open bottom. DUH…sea bass like rough bottom, as any fisherman would be willing to explain to any idiot who is responsible for the research.

The sea bass closure has not had much effect on that fishery yet because a lot of these tasty fish have not yet made their offshore migration move yet. It will get ugly pretty soon though when the majority of head boats and private boat move further offshore in pursuit of black fish and cod. (Can’t put sea bass in there) The majority of the fish caught on the offshore wrecks and rough bottom will still be sea bass and will have to be thrown back overboard, dead or alive. Rest assured, a lot of dead fish will be seen floating on the surface only to be consumed by other predators’. (That predator should be a human)

By their own admission, the Fisheries Idiots in charge have stated that in the case of black sea bass, “Over fishing is NOT occurring,” yet draconian measures have been taken to, “End fishing as we know it.”

New, “HOOKEMANDHACKEM” sea bass shirts will be in soon. Not only should you have one of these shirts to express your anger but also consider sending a check to the Save the Summer Flounder Fisheries Fund for they are fighting the good fight.


Bob Hackem



In a recent piece, dated March 26, 2009, I wrote, “We are close to the end of recreational fluke fishing as we know it.” I wish I had said: “We are close to the end of FISHING as we know it. The latest hot air coming from the newly anointed head of NOAA and her ilk is not only an early “Emergency ” closure of the black sea bass and porgy fishery but also the closure of the mako shark fishery. They apparently think everyone who fishes for sharks will be fully cooperative and pleased with a catch and release mako program.

Please keep in mind; all these new regulations will be for our own good:

  1. NO fluke fishing after September 4, 2009
  2. A potential “EMERGENCY” closure of sea bass and porgy fishing
  3. NO possession of mako sharks
  4. ONE black fish (should be enough)

…And you still don’t think we are near the end of fishing, as we know it?

Just in case you haven’t had enough to make your blood boil, keep in mind that the, “National Marine Fisheries Service has issued a final rule to adopt regulations to implement a national registry of recreational anglers in an effort to improve their efficiency and to reduce possible sources of bias and to improve confidence in survey results by fisheries managers.”
(Change we can believe in!) Beginning in 2011 the annual fee will be $15-$25 per angler. Yes, that’s right, you will have to pay a fee to go out fishing for a targeted species you cannot keep! (This is a salt water fishing license that will only cost more as time goes on, as every other government program ALWAYS, does.)

We look forward to talking to you at the Point Pleasant Seafood Fest on September 19, 2009, even if you disagree with my, “hookemandhackem” views. (Not really)

Bob Hackem